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  • Chapter Endings: The Right Way

    February 12, 2018
    How to End a chapter

    Just as important as the chapter beginning, the chapter ending has it’s share of important work to do. How do you write a chapter…

  • 5 Basics of Character Motivation

    January 28, 2018
    5 Basics of Character Motivation

    How boring would it be to wander aimlessly without any real driving factor? So, why do we do it to our characters? We love…

  • How to Write a Scene

    October 29, 2017
    Writing a scene for a book

    I have read a few books lately, that I simply couldn’t get into. They weren’t necessarily horrible books per se but they did leave…

  • Write Life: Stages of a Novel

    October 10, 2017

    So, most people think that all they need to do is just sit in front of their laptop and they will automatically come up…

  • 4 Plot Types: How And When To Use Them

    August 27, 2017
    4 types of plot structure that you need to know

    When we are plotting our next best seller, we often think of the characters, the setting, the stuff that happens and how the book…