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  • Dramatically Improve Your Writing 1-2-3

    November 19, 2017
    Improve Your Writing Dramatically: 3 Easy Steps

    Writing. Whether you’re an author, blogger, poet, journalist, speaker, etc., anyone who puts quill to parchment knows the exquisite agony of writing and not…

  • Is Femininity Obsolete? Writing Female Characters

    November 13, 2017
    Writing female characters

    Is femininity obsolete? Why does any trait that remotely resembles a “traditional” woman’s is frowned upon and viewed with disgust? Why do readers get…

  • How to Write a Scene

    October 29, 2017
    Writing a scene for a book

    I have read a few books lately, that I simply couldn’t get into. They weren’t necessarily horrible books per se but they did leave…

  • 3 NO NO’s of Physical Description

    October 1, 2017
    Physical Description what not to do

    We usually know what our characters look like long before our fingers ever touch a single key on our computer. We’re so excited about…

  • Are You Comma Happy? How to Use a Comma

    February 11, 2017
    Happy Woman

    Hey there! You comma here often? BAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself; it gets me all the time! So, do…